Monica Virdee-Oakley - Junior ITF Parent

"Ronan coached my son for several years and was always dedicated, easily approachable and knowledgable. Ronan has the ability to connect with the player as well as the parents which is a great quality in itself. Always able to create a brilliant atmosphere on court during sessions. The level of understanding between the coach and player always helps and Ronan was extremely good at pushing players to the best of their abilities. Ronan has so many great qualities and has always been professional as a coach and we felt a great loss when he moved away. Ronan is a fantastic coach and I would always highly recommend him!"

Axel Bertran de B.

"Great fitness and tennis coach. Daughter has excelled greatly in just a few months. Very detailed oriented and always has new coaching techniques to make the lessons far from ordinary"

Sawako Muchi - Parent

"Ronan has helped coach my daughter now for a few months and I have already seen such a huge improvement in her game and fitness! She is now addicted to tennis and can't wait to see how she improves over the next few months!"

Mansa Smith - Parent

"Ronan is a very knowledgeable tennis instructor. My son has trained with him over a year and its amazing to see his growth under Ronan’s tutelage"

Alan Gleeson - ATP Player

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ronan several times. As a young aspiring coach his passion and enthusiasm for the game is unparalleled.  He works with beginners right through to touring professionals and it doesn’t make any difference to the time and level of commitment he gives to each client. If you are looking to improve your game and enjoy the process at the same time, I would highly recommend Ronan"

Dhillon Virdee-Oakley - Junior ITF Player

"Ronan coached me for 3 years. Ronan was always a supportive and enthusiastic coach. His passion for tennis in all aspects was clearly visible. Ronan helped me improve a lot both on and off the court. Ronan was always approachable, friendly and professional"

Adam Blicher - Tour Tennis Coach

"Ronan is super energetic and always creates a nice atmosphere when he is around. I have especially noticed that Ronan connects and builds trust very well with the players that he surrounds himself with and thereby I think he gives the player-coach relation the best opportunity of working well"

Helen Penman - College Parent

"Ronan worked with my son for 18 months, at a tennis academy in Spain.. He was professional, knowledgeable and approachable. My son enjoyed squads where Ronan was part of them, making them high quality, challenging, yet geared to the techniques and tactics being practiced. Ronan was encouraging and supportive at tournaments, offering positive critique and feedback following matches to improve his performance"

Gareth Larkin - Parent

"I great coach for my son. Helped him with his fitness and skills for soccer and other sports. A great coach that keeps kids interested and makes the sessions extremely fun. Very strict with having the kids stick to the rules and have respect for other coaches and players. Can't recommend highly enough!"

Davide Spadoni - International Player (Italy)

"Ronan has improved my game by improving my technical aspects of my tennis game. He makes the lessons fun and professional. I am very happy with working with Ronan and the support he and his company has given me. I can't wait to get back on the court with him!"

Craig Ure - First Time Tennis Player

"Ronan is DYNAMITE. He has improved my game 10x. Attentive to form and all technical aspects of tennis. Very punctual, never late and never cancels. Plus he is fun to be around. Good find, and I've tried a few who just go through the motions and make it boring. Very happy"

Dom Spicer - WSA University, Michigan

"Known Ronan for a few years now. Very committed coach who loves the game and his dedicated work ethic helps improve players tennis ability and fitness"

Michael Connor - International Parent (Ireland)

"Visiting Ronan was a memorable experience. He was great with the kids and made the sessions fun. We will definitely be back."

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