Player Code of Conduct
  1. Courtesy is expected at all times 

  2. Points are to be played in good faith - All points played in good faith stand. 

  3. Unsportsmanlike behavior - A player shall not engage in conduct that damages the image and integrity of tennis. 

  4. ​Unreasonable delays - players are expected to arrive on time to sessions.

  5. Abuse of racquets or equipment - If a player violently or with anger, hits, kicks or throws a racquet or other equipment, the player will be sent off the court.

Parent Code of Conduct
  1. Coaching - If a player receives any type of coaching/direction from a parent while a lesson is in progress, the lesson will be stopped.

  2. Interference - Parents can not interfere during a lesson. If there is an issue, please ask to talk to the coach. 

  3. Encourage - Progress takes time. Encourage your child and help them enjoy the sport.

  4. Winning - Place the emotional and physical well being of your child ahead of personal desires to win.

  5. Support - Support the coach working with your child. We are all a team working to make your child the best tennis player and person they can be.