Ronan was awarded the iTPA (International Tennis Performance Association) Young Coach of the Year 

Born and raised in Ireland, Ronan discovered tennis at the age of 11. A new found passion that would take him to over four continents working with players and coaches of all backgrounds and goals. Since then he have been coaching since he was 16 years old, mainly working with juniors and then heading to work in Europe straight after finishing high school.

After coaching in Europe Ronan moved to Boynton Beach, Florida at the age of 21 and started 'Ronan Tennis Academy'. Unlike the regular academy environment, you will not find big groups or players cramped on any court. Why? Because no player was developed by an academy but more by the individuals coach. Ronan helps bring professional and specific to all his players, working specifically and individually with players rather one on one. Avoiding the usual large groups, as the reality is unless you are a top player there you become a number on a spreadsheet.

Ronan makes sure to keep contact with who he believes are the best to support his players that come for very individual reasons for fitness, coaching, mental work etc. This lets Ronan be better serve his players who want to get away from busy academies and get more individual and personal attention all while giving them a flexible schedule during the year.

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What people say:

"Having a lesson with Ronan is always a highlight of my week. For beginners, he carefully explains all aspects of tennis, and how to develop your game and take it to the next level. He takes you seriously and always makes sure you leave with an improved technique."

Sam Schwartz

"We can sense that our son learns things faster with him as Ronan is able to break down the movement or the pattern into simple steps that are easy to remember and assimilate. His ideas and plans are very practical and pertinent to player's playing style."

Vinayak Karnataki

"As a former college player, I had the opportunity to be coached by several great coaches. I would put Ronan in that category as he is currently coaching my son. The progress my son has made has been tremendous since Ronan started working with him."

Peter Feldman

  • Join many juniors and adults around the world that have received top class tennis instruction from Ronan. 

  • Corrective techniques that build a blueprint to follow and have your game continue to evolve.

  • Join the Ronan family and get the individual attention you deserve.

  • Ronan welcome all adults and juniors from around the world, no matter what level.

  • If you play for fun or competitively, Ronan can change the pace to best suit your game style and goals.