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Payment to Ronan Tennis Academy is to be made one week in advance. This in turn guarantees that your lesson slot is secured for the following week. Great thing Ronan offers a free trial session to make sure that your investment is worthwhile!


The free lesson is based on availability and can only be booked once per person/family.  Cannot be combined with any other offers or deals and only limited to one lesson booking. (CLAIM FREE LESSON)

Only once payment is made, will your spot be reserved. Ronan Tennis Academy does not give refunds, only credits in the form of lessons, packages or time slots. 

Payments can also be made:

- Month to Month.

- Package Payment (e.g. 16 Lesson Package)

- Term Payment (3 months)

- Retainer (email directly for more information)

Advanced Payments

If you have payed more than a week in advance, you can still get a full refund a week before your first scheduled lesson.

Payment Methods

- Direct Debit
- Venmo (Username: Ronan-McKeever)

- Revolut (Username: @ronanmckeever)

- Zelle (Connected to number: 561-344-7916)

Additional Information

Ronan Tennis Academy promises to keep your agreed rate for at least one year after your first lesson, even with price increases. After one year your rate may increase, with a cap of 10%. If you end training at the academy (2 or more weeks), this will not apply and you will be set up the updated prices.



Clients are asked to provide a minimum of 24 hour notice if they wish to cancel a lesson/class. When the required 24-hour notice is provided, the lesson/class will be rescheduled to a mutually convenient time. Unfortunately, clients will not receive a refund for cancelled lessons/classes.  

If during the lesson/class, the weather stops the lesson/class from continuing, then the time spent up to the nearest 15 minutes will be counted. The rest of the time will be added as a time credit to be used at another time.


For example: Lesson stopped at 10-minutes out of 60-minute lesson. 45-minutes credit will be added to the next lesson/session or as soon as possible after the disrupted lesson.

If the player is late and has not communicated with the coach, a 15 minute grace period will be allowed. After 15minutes the coach can leave.


Ronan Tennis Academy does not offer any refunds for merchandise purchases.


Ronan Tennis Academy is committed to fostering a safe and respectful environment for all players. To that end we abide by the relevant protocols, policies and procedures as outlined in the United States Tennis Association (USTA) Safe Play Handbook.


Ronan Tennis and Fitness, is committed to keeping all personal information accurate, confidential, secure and private in line with Data Protection Regulations.

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